As strong believers on the ideologies of Swami Vivekananda we appreciate the overall growth of a child from within. Co-curricular activities provide an ample opportunity for self-expression, creativity and satisfaction to a learner. It also offers a larger perspective of the world beyond the books. Our school offers a galore of Co-curricular activities.

❖ Social work
❖ Excursion
❖ Dance
❖ Art & crafts
❖ Dramatics
❖ Music (Classical and devotional)
❖ Games and Sports
❖ Yoga

Social work

As the name of our institution suggests the ideals of Swamiji who himself believed that service to man is service to God; we also follow his footprints by arranging regular social works. The students always actively participate in various social works arranged by the school. Even in the present time of crisis caused by the pandemic, the students have spontaneously come forward to extend their helpful hands to minimize the sufferings of the needy. In the previous year Amphan had taken a lot from many of us. Our institution had extended the helping hands to some of those who were in need with the contribution of the students. Teachers as well as the students have made a considerable amount of contribution as per their ability to distribute food items, masks and sanitizers to the neighbouring needy people. Students also get to learn to help those who are in need and distress.

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We all know that excursion creates the base of practical education for the children where they can possibly make a connection between what knowledge they have acquired and the world that awaits for them outside. The basic reason for educating students is to let them know more and dig deep into many concepts and explore them. As it is an effective idea to motivate the students to learn more, we arrange excursion yearly for the students under strict supervision of the teachers where they are allowed to explore the world in their own way. In recent past, we have organized the excursions to the Science city, Alipore Zoo, Belur Math, Dakshineswar Temple and Gandhi Museum. Teachers are always there as their guide and friend. The importance of such excursions includes giving students the chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience new environments and enjoy a day away from the classroom.

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Yoga is a combination of physical mental and spiritual practice originated in ancient India. Yoga helps to refresh the mind, enlighten the soul and regularize our body. We practice yoga in our school at regular interval and there is also a dedicated slot in the routine along with this we also like to help the students to understand the importance of yoga in their day to day life.  

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Games and Sports

We envisage the future of our students to be based on the ideals of Thakur Ma Swamiji; We rely on the fact that a sound mind leaves in a sound body and games and sports presence the prospect of growing the physique of the students and help them to remain healthy. We have qualified teachers to help them in this activity. Games like football, cricket, badminton, khokho, Kabaddi are organized at regular interval.

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Music (Classical and Devotional)

As we all know music heals the body mind and soul, here in our institution we believe this with all our heat and soul. We provide training specially focusing on the classical and devotionalgenre. Dedicated and qualified faculties are there for the students to take them to the soulful journey. We also offer a dedicated timeslot in the school routine for the musical class.  

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Drama has been shown to develop key skills like critical thinking, self expression, discipline, team work in students. We use drama as a trigger to engage students not only in the academics but beyond that. The annual programme of the school every year offers a drama for the audience and guardians to witness the inner actor of their wards.

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Art & Crafts

There is no doubt that art & crafts are fun and engaging activity for children. Be it colouring, making miniatures or folding paper to create and origami, birthday cards and many many more. Children are exposed with their entire innate artistic portion. We have well trained faculty who will help them to explore this colourful pathway and guide them to attain perfection.

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We offer dedicated and qualified faculty of dance. Students will be trained specifically for classical dance as well as they can opt for several other modern and various dance forms. There are dedicated time slots for dance, which will allow them to get involved not only into a traditional culture but also in a form of recreation.  

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